Why did Americans turn away from reform?

Let us to discuss why Americans turn away from reform

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    Several things made Americans less interested in reform. For one, the reform movement had been going on for a long time. Many Americans were tired of it. The reform movement as carried on by people who were trying to make life better for others. In the 1920s, more and more people decided to spend their time making life better for themselves.

    People started the reform movement with high hopes. They thought they could solve all of the society’s problem. Americans thought they could make the world safe for democracy. But it didn’t work. Many things were made better, but the new problem arose, and the ones never reality went away.

    The 1920 were a time of changing values. Values are the ideas people live by. Young people especially, questioned the values of older people during 1920s. many Americans felt there was a moral break   down during the 1920/ liquor was against the law, but millions of people drank anyway. Dress styles changed. Young men wore fancy suits. Women’s dresses rose first above the ankle, then above the knee. Some women used makeup and smoked cigarettes in public. Older people were sure that young people felt, American were changing as the 1920s began, they were not so interested in the reform movement. It died out during the 1920s

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