What is the importance of soil conditioners / soil amendment?

Let us to know the importance of soil conditioners / soil amendment

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    A soil conditioner, also called a soil amendment, is a material added to soil to improve plant growth and health. The type of conditioner added depends on the current soil composition, climate and the type of plant.

    A conditioner or a combination of conditioners corrects the soil’s deficiencies.Fertilizers, such as peat, manure, anaerobic digestate or compost, add depleted plant nutrients. Gypsum releases nutrients and improves soil structure. Some of the importance of soil amendment includes:-

    1.Soil conditioner is a product which is added to soil to improve the soil quality.

    2. Soil conditioners can be used to rebuild soils which have been damaged by improper management, to make poor soils more usable, and to maintain soils in peak condition.

    3. A wide variety of products can be used to manage soil quality, with most being readily available from nurseries and garden supply stores.

    4. Soil conditioners improve the water retention in dry, coarse soils which are not holding water well, and they can be added to adjust the PH of the soil to meet the needs of specific plants or to make highly acidic or alkaline soils more usable.

    5. Many soil conditioners are designed to improve soil structure in some way.

    6. Soils tend to become compacted over time, which is bad for plants, and soil conditioners can add more loft and texture to keep the soil loose.

    7. They also add nutrients, enriching the soil and allowing plants to grow bigger and stronger.


    Premier Answered on June 5, 2020.
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