What are the uses of Enzymes in Biological Washing Powders?

Premier Asked on May 5, 2020 in Biology.
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    Washing powders contain detergents that help in cleaning clothes by dissolving  Stains in water. Some stains are made of Insoluble substance, these cannot be  Removed by normal washing powders,  Instead, a biological washing powder is  Used.

    Biological washing powders contain enzymes that break down the insoluble stain into smaller soluble substances, which are then dissolved in the water.

    For example, if your shirt gets stained by egg yolk or blood, there is an enzyme called protease in the washing powder that will break down the insoluble protein into amino acids, which are dissolved in the water and sucked away. Thus the shirt becomes clean.

    The best removal of stains is maintained by providing the optimum temperature for enzymes, presoaking to leave time for the enzymes to digest, putting the suitable amount of the powder.

    Premier Answered on May 5, 2020.
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