What are the factors influencing the development of tourism industry in Switzerland?

Tourism refers to the travel of people away from home to other place for recreation, leisure, religious, family, or business purposes, usually of a limited duration. Tourism involves visiting places of interest like wildlife, beaches, museums etc,

Switzerland is a famous country in the world due to its tourism development. It is also referred to as the playground of Europe since tourism takes place all the year around and many tourists visit Switzerland because of its attractions. There are also different games and sports that are of interests to the tourists. The following are the factors that influence the development of tourism industry in Switzerland:-

1. Beautiful scenery made by the Alps Mountains which have U-Shaped valleys pyramid peaks and snow cover. Also presence of water bodies like Geneva which adds to the beauty of the scenery.

2. Its central location in Europe has also led to high accessibility of the country from different directions in Europe and other countries like America etc.

3. Ideal climate which allows the activities to take place both in winter and summer.

4. Good hotel management so as to meet tourists demand.

5. Availability of skilled labor. This has led to the efficient running of the tourism industry.

6. Hospitality of the Swiss people has been another attraction to the tourists.

7. Its policy of stability has made peace dwell in the country and hence tourists have been encouraged to visit the country.

8. It has international institutions like banks and conference centers used by different nations because of its peace.

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