Impacts of trans atlantic trade

Impacts of trans atlantic trade on african states 


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    1.The trade led to stagnation of African technology simply because Africans who were skillful and knowledgeable were taken as slaves to offer their labour in big plantations and mining established by European absentee owners in America during the 15th Century.

    2.The Trade also led to exploitation of African natural resources such as minerals, raw materials etc was taken specifically for the development of European nations.

    3.The trade conducted between Africa and Europe during 15th  lead to destruction of African culture and introduction of European culture in Africa because it was during this contact African way of living, dressing style, marriage, eating Etc were destroyed by Europeans as Africans began to imitate what Europeans brought to African societies.

    4.Trade lead to the collapse of African trade that existed before the 15th Century hence led to underdevelopment of African continent and development of European nations simply because it was that trade that culminated the situation for European development in all aspects (socially, economically and politically) and African underdevelopment in all aspects.

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