How did the actions of a few countries lead to World War II?

Let us to discuss how did the actions of a few countries lead to World War II

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    The depression had much to do with the causes of world war II. There were hard times all over the world. This made many people unhappy with their government. In some countries, the people changed their form of government, they put people in office who promised to bring better times to the country.

    Two such countries were Italy and Germany. The leaders of Germany and Italy did bring better economic times. Business got better. People. people had jobs, but the way Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy did this was by making ready for war. Putting people into the army gave jobs to millions of people. Building ships, tanks, planes, and the guns caused business to grow.

    Another country that was taking the road to war in the 1930s was Japan. Japan was trying to become a modern country. It wanted the kinds of industries that the united states and other modern countries had. But Japan did not have the oil, steel and other materials needed to make machines. Other countries around it did have those things. Japan decided to take over those countries to get the things it wanted.

    In 1931, japan took over a large part of China. The league of Nations said that was wrong to do this. Japan withdrew form the league. Nothing was done to made japan give the land back. Japan and other countries saw that they could take over other countries and get away with it.

    Japan’s success in China encouraged Germany and Italy. They felt that they could do what they wanted. The leader of Germany in the 1920s was Adolph Hitter. He told Germans they had been cheated by the peace treaty ending World War I. he promised to make Germany a great nation again.

    Italy also had a ruler who was planning for war. Benito Mussolini wanted to make Italy a strong country. To do this, he would have to take over other countries. Italy took over small country in Africa in the 190s. nothing was done not stop Italy.

    Japan acted next. It began to take over more of China. Again, the other countries of the world stood by. They did not like what was happening. But they were afraid that if they did anything, it would lead to war. And people were very much against the ideas of another world war.

    By this time. Germany was a very powerful nation was. in 1930s, Hitler said that Germany was not going to follow the peace treaty that said it could not have ab army. Germany took back some of the land it had lost in world war I. then Germany began to take over other countries.

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