Explain the social and economic effects of Poverty in developing countries like Tanzania

Observations show that poverty has caused a lot of socio-economic and political effects in Tanzania, Discuss.

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    There is widespread poverty Tanzania,which has contributed to numerous effects. At present, about 38 percent of people living in rural areas are classified as poor. This progress is reflected in the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index for Tanzania, which rose from 0.3% in 1991 to 0.4% in 2002.Observations show that poverty has caused a lot of socio-economic and political effects in Tanzania, such as:

    1.Increase illiteracy;normally, poor societies fail to send its children to school. There are so many cases of parents failing to pay school fees for their children after they have been selected to join secondary schools.

    2.People cannot afford to use modern equipment and machinery such as electric or gas cookers. Hence, they rely on cheap sources of energy like charcoal and firewood, which causes deforestation.

    3.Lack of modern agricultural machinery such as tractors forces people to use hand hoes which leads to low agricultural yields.

    4.Increase in illness. Poverty in local communities has contributed to the increased number of malnutrition and infant mortality, disruption of Tanzanian traditional support systems and the spread of HIV and AIDS in the country.

    5.There is an increase of criminal acts such as robbery, prostitution, drug abuse, and theft. Many people are forced to indulge themselves in these social evils because of poverty.

    6. Poor people cannot afford a balanced diet; this leads to malnutrition and failure to engage in economic activities for development.

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