RE: Why pre – colonial African societies did not develop (advance)/slave mode of production?

Helo me to know why pre – colonial African societies did not develop (advance) slave mode of production

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The Following are the reasons showing clearly that the pre-colonial Africa did not develop slave as mode of production:-
1. Slavery existed in few parts of Africa as an institution and not as a mode of production these areas were;
(a) In Zanzibar; where by slavery existed after Sultan Seyyid Said shifted his capital from Muscat-Oman to Zanzibar in 1840, so slaves were taken from Central and East Africa to perform various activities or tasks in Zanzibar island like domestic activities such as cooking, mopping, fetching water, keeping gates (watch), taking care of elders and children and others offered labour in cloves and coconut plantations.
(b) In Egypt; where by slaves were taken from western Sudan and forest areas to perform various activities during Pharaoh’s regime (Period)(rule), these activities were such as constructing canals, making calendar, building tombs, performing various domestic activities.
(c) Maghreb societies (Morocco,Tunisia and Algeria); slaves were taken from various parts of Western Africa And Northern East Africa to perform various activities in Maghreb societies, for example they were taken to offer their labour in Agriculture like palm dates and domestic activities.

2. Slavery co-existed together with feudalism in many parts of Africa. In Africa slave mode of production was not noted as the mode of production simply because the only mode of production in those areas was feudalism for example in Zanzibar the mode of production was feudalism however slavery also existed there.

3. In Pre -colonial African societies there was no slave masters or class of slave masters which showed clearly that the mode of production existed in pre -colonial African societies was not slavery and rather it was feudalism.

4.The level of development of productive forces used during the transition from primitive to feudalism showed that the slavery (Slave mode of production) did not exist in Africa for example some societies which were in transition to feudalism decided to use hoe to cultivate on the land which showed as the mode of production existed was feudalism based on land ownership.

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