RE: What are the things which make culture vary from one place to another place?

Help me to know the factors for the transfer of the culture from one country to another .

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(a) Environment/Geographically position; people along the rivers will obvious adopt fishing, swimming, making show while pastoralist in grass land will learn how to handle the head of cattle, also much of the all will result from the activities the society does.

(b) The National/Society policy; some time a leadership of a place can force the implantation of some cultural elements for it’s reasons. For example Tanzania adopted Kiswahili as a National language thus to maintain unity.

(c) Materials availability in the society; difference in tuoe of crops and trees grow in a certain area can lead to a different of type of food and brews, housing and roofing style. For example banana is taple food to the Haya while cassava is a staple food to the Waha.

(d) Nature of the people; the Massai and other pastoralist are purposely treated to be harsh so as to be stable against livestock thief and wild fear animals.

Premier Answered on November 12, 2017.
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