RE: What are the adaptation of fish to move in water?


I want to know how the fish are well adapted to move in water rather than in terrestrial.

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Fish are vertebrate animals living in fresh or sea water, they are poikilothermic and reproduce by laying eggs. Fish are streamlined in their shape, their bodies are covered wuthe scale thy possess fins and breath by means of gills. The following are the adaptations of fish for moving in water:-

(a) They have streem lines bodies (pointed anterior and posterior) that help to reduce resistance in water.

(b) Some they have scales that overlap and point at the back thus reducing resistance and cause no obstruction in movement.

(c) Presence of swim bladder especially in bony fishes helps the fish to move up and down in water. The increase or decrease of air in swim bladder causes changes in the density of Gish thus pushing it down or up in water.

(d) They have fins such as caudal fins, pectoral fins, pelvic fins which are used for balancing and breaking and dorsal fins and anal fins prevent fish from rolling.

Premier Answered on November 11, 2017.
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