RE: How carbon dioxide are useful in our daily life?


Help me to know the importance of carbon dioxide in our daily life.

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(a) Fire extinguisher; carbon dioxide is heavier than air and does not support combustion, as a fire extinguisher the compressed gas itself may be used to blanket and extinguish the flames, or it may be used to eject water, foam or powder from the extinguisher.

(b) Refrigerants; solid carbon dioxide or dry ice sublimes at 195K(-78C) leaving no residue. It remove the necessary heat it’s evaporation from the food materials which it cools.

(c) To make fizzy drinks such as soda water, 7-up and lemonade, in these drinks the has is dissolved under pressure. Removing the top from the bottle release this pressure and the bubbles of the gas cone outof the solution.

(d) Baking; baking powder contains sodium hydrown carbonate and a solid acid such as tartaric acid , these cimpihbd reacts together in the presence of water to produce carbon dioxide. In making bread, yeast causes carbon dioxide to be produced which causes the dough to swell.

(e) Fruit preservation; by creating an atmosphere in which there is less oxygen and more carbon dioxide.

Premier Answered on November 12, 2017.
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