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Proteins are compounds of carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Some protein also contains sulphur and phosphorus. Proteins are long chains of Amino acid formed through condensation.

Approximately there are twenty Amino acids that occur naturally. The human body makes ten of these amino acids. These are called NON – ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS. The other ten amino acids must be obtained from the diet they are called ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS.

We get essential amino acids by eating food rich in protein. Food that contains all the essential amino acid is called first class proteins, animal protein most fall in these group. Second class protein lack one or  more essential amino acids, most plant proteins fall in this group. The main functions of protein includes:

1.The body use proteins for tissue growth and repair such as healing of wounds and replacement of skin and mucus membranes.

2.Antibodies are made of proteins, Antibodies are important in offering immunity to the body

3.Enzymes which help us to digest food are protein in nature. In addition hormones, the chemical messengers in our bodies are also protein.

4.They are alternative source of energy in the body 5.They are basic component of a cell from which different body structure are made.

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