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The origin of nationalism in Africa is traced back to the era of colonialism and primary African resistance against colonial rule. The increase of exploitation resulted to nationalistic struggle. Its origin and basis were of two perspectives: These are based on reflection of the ancient and modern based on recent phenomena characterized by structural conditions of modern society. The following are the Importance of African Nationalism includes:-

1.African nationalism aimed at gaining political sovereignty i.e. self determination by opposing imperial occupation of the European colonialist.

2.To spread political awareness to African against white economic exploitation the imperialist extended excessive oppression and exploitation to the Africans, heavy taxation, land alienation and forced labour.

3.To bring various African ethnic groups to form unity and solidarity to fight their grievances and this was to be achieved through formation of political parties.

4.To remove the element of European capitalism and its related evil and adopt new afro centric views of Marxism.

5.To spread the African culture and fight out foreign culture that had been promotedby the colonialism, like language, dressing, table manners among others.

6.To remove inferior complex among the Africans and to appreciate the effort ofliberating themselves from European domination

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