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International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) these are organizations made up of individuals or private groups for example International Red Cross, Amnesty International and Transparency International. Achievements of African to participate in the International Affairs (UN) inludes:

1.Peaceful resolution of conflicts through UN by using peacekeepers, observer missions,special envoys and mediators to intervene in volatile areas. For example thepeacekeeping operation have taken place in Africa include the Democratic Republic ofCongo, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Somalia.

2.Efforts towards disarmament done by UN over the years it has spearheaded the crusadetowards reducing dangerous arms in the world especially nuclear weapons for exampleseveral treaties have been signed with the aim of cutting down numbers of nuclearweapons including the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT)

3.Promotions towards the protection of human rights for example the General Assemblyadopted the universal declaration of human rights in 1948 which identifies the universalrights and freedoms of a person in spite of age, gender or race.

4.Promotion of humanitarian efforts including support for refugees, relief provision forthose in distress like those experiencing natural calamities.

5.Promotion for democracy and good governance for example in 1970s South Africa andSouthern Rhodesia were slapped with UN sanctions due to failure in the area ofdemocracy and good governance.

6.Establishment of environmental programs that fight against environmental degradationby helping the global community to realize the dangers of the climatic changeparticularly global warming and how to reduce the dangers. For example the UnitedNations Environmental Program whose headquarters is in Nairobi Kenya.

7.Fighting for underdevelopment through establishment of different programs such asUnited Nations Development Program (UNDP) this assists nations of the world tostrategize on how to uplift development through industrialization and agriculture.

8.Promotion of health, education and cultural interaction among the people of the worldregardless of their race, languages and geographical areas.



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