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Religion is a belief in the existence of God or Gods especially the belief that God created the Universe and gave human being a spiritual nature which continues to exist after the death of the human body. There are so many importance of religion to economic, social and political development in Tanzania, some of these are:

1.Religion helps to stimulate the society about the importance of everybody to participate fully in productive and legal works. This situation promotes the society development from individual level to national level.

2.Religion helps to unite the society from family level to national level. It put more emphasize on love, peace, respect and cooperation.

3.Religions help to a waken people’s awareness about their right and responsibilities as a good citizen within their community as well as within the nation.

4.Religions helps in the provision of educational ground ,where by many learning istututions like secondary school, college even some of those under government were built by religions leaders and denominations.

5.Religions helps in the provision of humanitarian assistances to societies when it needed. For example ,it assist victims of floods, drought and civil war stricken areas with food, clothes and temporary or permanent shelter which are the basic human needs

6. Religions provide entertainment, education and challenges through songs and by using media such as radios and television. People relax and they are educated through religions songs


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