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1. Organic compounds are extracted from living beings while inorganic compounds are created either due to natural processes or in the laboratory.

2. Organic compounds contain carbon, while inorganic compound contain metal and other element.

3. Organic compounds have carbon-hydrogen bonds; while inorganic do not have these bonds.

4. Organic compounds are biological and inorganic are mineral in nature.

5. Organic compound are covalent in nature whereas organic compound are both ionic and covalent in nature.

6. Organic compound can form long and complex chain of molecules (hence form polymers) whereas inorganic compound does not have this capacity.

7. Organic compound are source of energy for human life (as food) whereas inorganic compound act as catalyst.

8.Organic compound are used as main source of energy in modern world (as petroleum oil) whereas inorganic compound does not.

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