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Topographical map may contain information on economic activities undertaking usually the following are shown on the maps.
1. Agriculture: – look on the presence of Rural settlement in absence of other activities scattered cultivation storage houses/center plantation or estate (indicate large scale agriculture) industry such as Ginneres, Hulleries and Decotecator. seldom symbols or signs are used e.g. S-sisal, CC-coffee, Su-sugarcane

2. Pastoralism:- look on the presence of cattle market-cattle dips veterinary installation (Vet. Office)/center Creamers (lace where milk, cream butter and cheese are processed Scattered vegetation or dominated by scrub/shrubs) Bore holes (Bore holes (BH) or water hole (wh)

3. Mining:- look on the presence of; symbols of PIC () and shovel ( salt work quarrying Roasting Sign Tin-TN, Iron-Fe.

4. Fishing:- look on the presence of; water bodies such as lakes, seasonal swamps, rivers, dams, ocean. These should be surrounded by settlement.

5.Trade and transportation;- look on the presence of ; Road, railway, towns and market

6. Lumbering;- look on the presence of; forest with track-roads ending on their edges. Saw-mill Sao hill forest -Note: thicket, scrubs/shrubs and bamboo trees cannot be exploited as a timber.

7. Tourism:- look on the presence of; National parks Game reserve Recreational centre’s e.g. museum, archives beaches etc Landscape e.g. crater depression etc.

8. Administration:-Various administrative activities can be identified from abbreviations on the map. These are given in a list in the margin of the map.

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