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The word “Sovereignty” comes from the Latin word “superanus”, which means “supreme”. Therefore, Sovereignty refers to the supreme power exercised by a nation to control all individuals and associations within its territory.

Sovereignty can also be defined as the highest power which belongs to the people. National sovereignty means that a nation is free to decide and implement its decisions without being interfered with by any external forces from other nations. A nation should be able to run its political, economic and social matters independently.Importance of National sovereignty includes;

1.National sovereignty is important because it maintains good relations with other nations through promoting good foreign policies on matters concerning other nations.

2.It helps maintain peace and security of a nation through execution of national laws, rules and regulations to prevent civil wars and conflicts with other nations.

3.It brings about national stability and encourages investors to invest in a country because a national is free to establish policies that will encourage local and foreign investors to invest in the country.

4 Citizens are free from being dominated by other nations because of non-interference in the control of the nation by other countries.

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