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Internal migrat is a movement of people within a country. It can be temporary or longterm. It may be voluntary or forced. This type of migration goes on all the time and many governments do not attempt to control it.

The reasons for this type of migration are varied. They include searching of jobs, settlement, seeking safer areas or improvement of people’s lives. There are those who move to parts or countries where the climate is more favorable. There are four forms of internal migration includes;

1.Rural to Urban migration. In this form, people move from rural areas to towns. People migrate in search of jobs, better social amenities or education, some move to avoid wide spread of unemployment in the rural areas or work on farms.

2.Rural to rural migration. In this form, people move from one rural area to another. Some people move into plantations for employment in the large farms. There are those who moved into new settlement and do farming. Nomadic pastoralists migrate in search of water and pasture for their animals.

3. Urban to rural migration. Some migrants who moved to towns in search of jobs move back to rural areas to settle because they now have capital to invest in the rural areas.

4. Urban to urban migration. Are migrants who may move from one town to another. This may in search of better employment or business opportunities.

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