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Air pollution is defined as any contamination of the atmosphere that disturbs the natural composition and chemistry of the air. This can be in the form of particulate matter such as dust or excessive gases like carbon dioxide or other vapors that cannot be effectively removed through natural cycles, such as the carbon cycle or the nitrogen cycle.The methods of preventing air pollution includes:

1.Reducing over dependence of fossil fuel: Fossil fuel contributes great to air pollution. There is urgent need to shift from dependence on fossil fuel to usage ‘clean’ source of energy. Clean source of energy are those that do not produce harmful substance during production as well as during their uses. Clean uses of energy include solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric power. The use of biofuel which produce less emission is also being encouraged.

 2.Using fuel efficient system: A large proportion of air pollutants come from power generation plants, especially those that use coal or petroleum fuel. Reducing energy consumption by using energy saving appliance would therefore held reduce emission. The appliances include energy saving bulbs.

3.Use of air pollution control device: Air pollution control device include precipitators, scrubbers, absorbers, reduction system and oxidizers. These should be installed in industrial plants motor vehicle and any other places where air pollutants are produced in large quantities.

4.Enactment of laws: Environmental laws that ensure all chemical wastes, whether solid, gaseous or liquid are disposal off safety should be enacted.Policies should also be put in place to govern the use of non-polluting device such as motor vehicle and industrial which emit a lot of pollutants should not be allowed to operate.

5. Modification and replacement of industrial systems:Industrial system should be modified in order to reduce emission. This can include the installation of recycling device which can help recover harmful gaseous by-products of industrial process. Such device includes catalytic converters and exhaust purifies. Where it is not possible to modify the system, they should replaced all together, through the cost of replacement can be high; it can never exceed the cost of pollution.

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