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A biome is a large biotic unit that consists of vegetation and animal life that has developed in response to abiotic factors of precipitation, temperature, and latitude. An ecosystem is all the plants, animals and environmental factors that interact within a certain area. The following are the difference between biome and ecosystem:

1. Climate: A biome is strongly influenced by climatic factors such as rainfall, snow, ice, temperature; while an ecosystem is not strongly influenced by such factors.

2. Latitude: A biome is influenced specifically by latitude while an ecosystem is not specifically influenced by latitude.

3. Geographical size: A biome is a very large area of biotic life, while an ecosystem is a much smaller area.

4. Animal life4. Animal species that are found in a biome do not all necessarily have to interact, while in an ecosystem, animal species do all interact in trophic interactions of food chains and food webs.

5. Examples of biomes include tropical rainforests, savanna, and coniferous forests; while examples of ecosystems include for example coral reef ecosystem, Gulf of Mexico ecosystem and Cape fynbos ecosystem.

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