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There are many consequences that must be accepted by all components of the ecosystem as a result of the impact of soil pollution that takes place in a region. More severe impact will occur if the garbage polluting the soil is not separated in the category of organic and inorganic waste. The impact will also be especially felt by humans in the vicinity of contaminated soil.

Contaminated soil can cause problems in humans through the respiratory system, skin, and digestive system. Through the respiratory system for example, contaminated soil can cause unpleasant odor inhaled by humans or the presence of particles in the air causing respiratory health to worsen. Through the skin, contaminated soil will make the ground water contaminated with dangerous materials and when used for bathing, this water will certainly create problems on the skin. The following are the Effects and Impacts of Soil Pollution in ecosystem

1.Lowering Soil Fertility: The first impact of soil pollution that occurred in an area would first be felt by the surrounding terrestrial ecosystem directly. In some areas pollution of the soil will decrease the soil fertility level itself. Plants will be difficult to live on contaminated soil and although life will produce a product that is not necessarily safe for consumption. In addition, the fauna of the soil that had been living would also be disturbed its existence.

2.Air Pollution: Waste that contaminates the soil will slowly decompose by decomposer bacteria. This process will last for a long time and make the air around it to be uncomfortable to inhale. As we know that the decomposition process will make the garbage so rot and remove the gases smells sting.

3.Outbreaks of Disease: The impact of further pollution of the soil is the spread of dangerous disease outbreaks. Yes, however polluted soil is a comfortable place of life for many disease-causing pathogens. Garbage that is above the surface is also a habitat for disease-spreading animals such as rodents and insects. Both the pathogens and the dispersing animals, are both appropriate combinations to transmit epidemics from contaminated soil to all biotic components, including humans.

4.Damage to Aesthetics: In many cities and countries, soil contamination has affected the destruction of the aesthetics or the beauty of existing ecosystems. Garbage that is piled up and scattered certainly not tasty in the eyes. This is in addition to disturbing for residents around the place, of course also will make the tourists are not interested to visit the area that makes them lose revenue from the tourism sector.

5.Destroying the Ecosystem: In the last stage, soil contamination will have an impact on massive ecosystem balance disruption. Sooner or later the pollution that occurs on our soil will make the balance of ecosystems disturbed. Homeostatic conditions that had originally been attained naturally would be damaged as the impact of soil pollution in our environment.


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