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Population change can also be described as population growth. This is the increase (positive growth) or decrease (negative growth) in the number of the people. The following are the effects of population change in a nation level;-

1. It tends to lead to increased poverty. This is because these countries are lagging behind in technological advancement in areas such as agriculture and industries because of the insufficient capital as well as poor management of resources.

2. Over population also leads to unemployment or even under development of a nation or even under employment.Over population lead to poor housing and health facilities because demand for these facilities is far greater than the supply.

Over population is a situation where by a region or country has such a high population that it cannot be supported fully due to a strain on the available resources. In such a situation, many people live in object poverty.

3. Agricultural resources are underutilized because of shortage of land and traditional land tenure systems which hinder modernization of agriculture. A large population increase the demand for food. This demand reduce the production of cash crops while increasing production of food crops.

4. Slow industrial growth because of shortage of skilled labor. Although there is a large labor force, it is largely unskilled.

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