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1.  Government earns foreign exchange after exporting manufactured goods which is used to develop other sectors of the economy such as education, health care and transport.

2. Industries employ people providing them with income which helps to raise their standard of living.

3. Industrialisation has led to development of transport and communication and social amenities such as power, water, schools and medical facilities where industries have been established.

4. Agricultural based industries have led to increased agricultural production in the process of meeting the rising demand for raw materials.

5. Establishment of industries has led to diversification of the economy thereby helping the country to earn revenue throughout even when agriculture which is the backbone of the economy fails as a result of adverse weather conditions.

6. Workers in industries have joined together and formed co-operatives in which they save money and are then given loans which they use to start projects or generally enhance their living standards. The government also gets revenue through taxation of the dividends got at the end of the year from the profits of SACCOs.

7. Industrial exports to other countries create a trading co-operation which in turn helps to foster good relationships among countries of the world.

8. Industries based on locally available materials encourage utilisation of resources which would be otherwise be idle.

9. Establishment of industries promote development of urban centres because it encourages people to move to the area in search of jobs and accommodation and other services are provided.

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