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After political independence many African states inherited the colonial education system which was contrary to their local education system and their environments. As time went on African independent states adopted the policy of educational expansion and education was considered as a human rights.

Following this the number of education institutions like schools and colleges were increased and the system of curricular were modeled. Some of the weaknesses in the expansion of education in Africa after independence includes;-

1. Inadequate resources to meet the growing demand resulted by large enrolment in primaryschools under universal primary education (UPE). Such resources are classes, desks,laboratories, libraries, books and teachers.

2. Lacks of experience on vocational courses, the academic teachers was having no experiences inteaching practical courses like agricultural courses.

3. Problems in using English language in secondary and higher education as medium of instructionthis is due to the use of Kiswahili language as a medium of communication in primary schools asa result student failed to communicate in English when they are in higher education.

4. Gender gap, most of African literacy were men this inherited from colonialism where girls wereleft aside without enrolled in school as a result even after independence there were higher rateof illiteracy among women than men especially in the higher levels of education.

4. Under development in higher educational institutions especially from 1980’s due to provision ofinadequate resources to support higher education for example lack of enough library materialsand laboratory equipment since independence.

5. Unemployment, most of the university graduates was facing the problem of being unemployeddue to few employment opportunities.

6. Shortage of teachers, especially after independence this was due to higher enrolment of pupilsin primary schools and few teachers training colleges existed.

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