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Social and welfare associations are social groups associations formed by Africans to meet the immediate needs of members by protesting colonial exploitation, oppression and humiliations. They played an important role of providing political education to African communities by showing the evil of colonialism and the need to liberate themselves. The following are the strength and contributions of social and welfare association during the struggle for independence:-

1. Establishment of infrastructures such as offices came to be used by the nationalist leadersduring the struggle for independence.

2. Preparation of nationalist leaders these associations prepared African nationalist leaders who were members of the associations through providing political awareness that made them to stand firm in struggling for African liberation.

3. They provided awareness among the Africans on the evils of colonial governments, through these associations many Africans especially the members of the associations awakened on the injustice of colonialism. For example in Kenya the Ukambani experiencing demonstrations due to the increase of awareness.

4. Journal publications, some social and welfare associations published their journals which carried out various political agenda and communicated with their members on different issues of their concern.

Generally they organized meetings which came to be a forum for airing their own grievances to the colonial rule. Furthermore, they created a base on which the true nationalism activities stood

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