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Since 1960s most African countries were experiencing population increase especially in urban areas, as a result most countries found it very hard to cope with the demands created by the new development. After independence the government succeeded on the following;

1.Reduction of inequalities in the income between the highest and the lowest income earnersthrough provision of reasonable houses by local authorities in different countries.

2.Decentralization of development for the promotion of development in other parts of thecountry. For example in Tanzania decentralization was made when Dodoma became the newcapital city of Tanzania.

3.Owning of homes in urban centers by the majority through sites and service schemes in Kenya and Tanzania.

4.Provision of employment opportunities for Africans through establishment of new housingschemes. For example they provided plumbing, carpentry, electrical installation and otherimportant services to the residents.

5.Provision of new investment opportunities to many people due to expansion of the housingmarkets. For example the investment was made through establishment of high class hotels,tourism centers, commodities modernization, airports and importation of luxury commoditiesfor the benefits of tourists from western countries.

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