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1. Poaching which is likely to bring rare species of animals to extinction e.g. rhinos and elephants.

2. Adverse climatic conditions which causes death of some animals due to shortage of water and pasture.

3. Floods which drown animals and destroy plants depriving animals of pasture.

4. Bush fires which destroy large tracts of land and kill animals which may cause extinction of rare species and expose land to agents of erosion.

5. Overgrazing by high population of herbivores resulting in destruction of vegetation which exposes land to agents of erosion destroying habitats of animals causing them to migrate to areas with adequate pasture.

6. Wildlife-human conflict where by pastoralists kills carnivores which kill their livestock.

7. Pests and diseases such as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus which threatens to reduce the lion population in many parts of Africa.


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