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Decolonization was type of revolution which involved complete overthrow of the existing political system this existed in colonies where independence was given to the minority at the expense of the majority the case in point is Zanzibar where minority Arabs were granted independence by the British which prompted the majority blacks to make a revolution in 1964 and replaced with another new political system that is supported by the masses. It took place even in Egypt and Libya. Liberation by revolution is always sudden and involves bloodshed. The Problems experienced during the struggle for independence through revolution means includes:-

1.Unwillingness of the colonial power to grant independence, some European nations camein Africa to stay forever and regarded their African colonies as oversea provinces, thusthey were very reluctant to grant independence hence decolonization through revolution.

2.Fear and insecurity among the Africans, during the struggle for liberation by revolutionmeans most of the Africans did not engaged in revolution process as they fearedpunishments from colonial government.

3.Lack of political structures to mobilize the people to the common struggles forindependence. For example in rural areas most political parties lacked branches whichwould have been used as centers to create awareness and mobilization of the masses mostas most of the nationalistic activities centered in urban areas.

4.Colonial state apparatus were very oppressive and coercive to the nationalisticmovements in many nations. These included colonial army, police and prison which wereput in place to facilitate colonial production.

5.Death, some African nationalists died in the struggle for independence through revolutionmeans this was due to the fact that the revolution always is sudden and blood shade.

6.Financial problems, the nationalists‟ experienced lacked clear source of funds to meettheir expenditure as most of Africans were poor.

7.Low level political awareness, many masses in Africa was not educated and lackedpolitical awareness about the essence of their independence. This was the problem sincemost of the indigenous did not know the significance of the struggle.

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