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1. Beautiful scenery produced by Alps which is the main tourist attraction in summer.There are features formed by glacial erosion. There are features such as snow capped mountain peaks, clear blue lakes, waterfalls etc.

2. Climate whereby tourists like visiting there during warm summers and especially the southern region of Ticino which receives more tourists as it experiences a warmer summer due to proximity to Mediterranean Sea.

The country also experiences winter in which the mountain peaks and slopes provide excellent ground for skiing and skating.

1. It has Excellent infrastructural facilities with a well developed network of roads, railways, electrified rail cars and cable cars which enable tourists to travel easily to centres of attraction.

2. The policy of neutrality which makes people from all the parts of the world to feel at home while there.

3. Several major languages of Europe are spoken which makes it possible for tourists to get excellent services in the country.

4. Accessibility due to its location in C. Europe for tourists from countries from France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium.

5. It has excellent accommodation facilities which are fairly priced and offer discounts to mass tourists.

6. It’s highly industrialised and many people are employed and earn a good income enabling people to save for holidays.

7. It’s a centre for international meetings since the UN headquarters are in Geneva and the people who go for meetings take time to tour various parts of the country.

8. Tourists organise themselves into groups in order to negotiate for air travel and hotel accommodation making tourism possible for a cross section of the society.

9. The country has favourable banking laws so people visit that country as they go to bank their money.

10. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world which make many tourists to tour it because their security is guaranteed.

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