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1. Tourism earns the country foreign exchange by paying for their services in foreign currency which is used to trade with other countries.

2. It employs many people enabling them to earn an income and hence raise their standard of living e.g. tourists guides, drivers, in tourist hotels etc.

3. Source of revenue for the government from licenses from tour operators, entry charges to game parks rental fee paid by game lodges etc.

4. Has led to improvement of infrastructure resulting when new roads are constructed and existing ones improved and also airstrips constructed which benefits people living along the routes which in turn stimulate development.

5. Promotes international understanding resulting in peace between countries by bringing together people from different countries of the world..

6. Promotes conservation of wildlife and historical sites sine they are tourist attractions.

7. Promotes agriculture as tourist hotels rely on farmers for the supply of food e.g. fruits and vegetables.

8. Promotes development of industries e.g. craft industries when tourists buy curios e.g. wood and stone carvings and ciondos.


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