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Transport is the act of moving items and people from one place to another while communication is the process of transferring information between individuals, groups and places. The roles of transport and communications in the economic development of Africa includes;-

1. Development of trade because buyers are able to move to markets, traders are able to move to market centres where products are in high demand and order goods for sale without necessarily going to the suppliers which reduces transport costs and hence increases profits.

2. Promotion of industrial development/establishment of more industries since areas with good transport and communication networks are likely to attract investors to set up industries and finished goods are able to reach consumers easily. Communication enables industrialists to know where raw materials are available without having to move a lot.

3. Promotes international understanding because it enables citizens of different countries to be in close contact enabling them to learn about and appreciate each others culture resulting in good relationship.

4. Many people are employed in the transport and communication sectors e.g. drivers, mechanics, engineers, journalists, broadcasters, computer programmers etc.

5. Transport opens up remote areas for exploitation of natural resources such as minerals, fish, tourists’ attractions because labour can be easily ferried to such areas and resources can be taken easily to processing sites.

6. Transport and communication are sources of revenue to the government e.g. tax levied on air time, license fees charged when one wants to start T.V. or radio station, etc.

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