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In African countries provision of clean and safe piped water during colonialism was mainly available in urban centers particularly in the European neighborhoods, African residential areas lacked clean water supply especially in rural areas where people continued to trot for many kilometers in search of water for human activities and for their livestock.

Soon after independence most African countries inherited colonial system of water provision that was very inadequate, disorganized and imbalanced in nature this was due to absence of government policies focusing on national water provision. The achievements in the provision of water services in Africa after independence includes;-

1. Establishment of water treatment plants to treat clean water and supply it to the areas with noclean and safe water

2.Building of dams for water preservation in rural areas for human being and their animals

3.Protection of water resources through reforestation to preserve water resources.

4.Provision of education to the mass advising them to boil drinking water in order to avoid watertransmitted diseases like typhoid.

5.Licensing companies to provide clean bottled water to citizens in order to reduce drinkingunsafe water

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