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1. Local people borrowing from tourists some social cultural values with negative consequences e.g. homosexuality and lesbianism which could lead to breakage of marriage life and spread of S.T.Ds.

2. Government neglecting other sectors of the economy such as agriculture and development projects like health and education by using a lot of money on tourist infrastructure such as construction of roads and airstrips in tourist areas some of which are rarely used.

3. Some tourists encourage poaching by buying and smuggling souvenirs in form of game trophies which make poachers to kill animals so as to meet demand for these products.

4. Destruction of vegetation by tourist’s vehicles as they move over it which reduces the amount of pasture available for browsing animals.

5. Tourists chasing animals while trying to get close-up photographs which destructs the animals feeding and bleeding habits. Noise from vehicles and people also disturb animals.

6. Some tourists come with the purpose of trafficking drugs and some introduce youths to drugs leading to drug abuse and its related consequences.

7. It may cause some male and female children to drop out of school to be showing the tourists around and obtain money by befriending tourists e.g. beach boys.



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