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1. Environmental degradation e.g. air pollution when the industries and motor vehicles emit smoke and other gases to the atmosphere which accelerates global warming, pollution of rivers through discharge of harmful effluents from industries into them and people throwing all types of wastes there and noise pollution from industrial machines, aircrafts and motor vehicles which causes loss of sleep and permanent loss of hearing.

2. Unemployment because of the population growing at a higher rate than the employment sector.

3. Crime and other social evils like prostitution which people engage into to earn a living due to high levels of unemployment.

4. Strain on social amenities i.e. there is shortage of housing, health centres, sanitation, schools, transport etc due to increase in population.

5. Traffic congestion especially in developing countries due to poorly planned roads which are unable to accommodate the ever increasing motor vehicles which causes wastage of time and fuel.

6. Breakdown of family units as many men leave members of the extended family, their wives, children and get concubines leading to marriage breakages.

7. Causes mental disorder to people due to stress and depression resulting from the high cost of living causing some people to abuse drugs in the process of stress management causing them to end up getting mad.


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