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Since 1960s most African countries were experiencing population increase especially in urban areas, as a result most countries found it very hard to cope with the demands created by the new development. The challenges facing the provision of housing services after independence includes:-

1.Inadequate of qualified human resources, for example lack of skilled personnel like townplanners to help in planning and implementing the desired programs in most African countries.Following this there were slow pace in the implementation of housing projects as a result 70% oflow income housing in Dar es Salaam was part of the slum clearing projects.

2.Ignoring the low income earners by giving the priority to the middle income earners while lowincome earners getting disadvantaged at the project implementation stage.

3.Inadequate financial resources, the government expected and depended much overseas fundingfor the project of the housing programs. Following this most of the medium sized constructionfirms died as they depended on investments in higher income residential properties.

4.Bias in fund allocation, more taxpayers’ money was used to fund establishment of betterhousing for the middle class in society and less funds were allocated for the housing of the poor.

5.Lack of commitment among the government officers especially in the middle income cadreswho did not embrace some of the new policies this was due to insufficient training among thepolitical leaders and the government officials responsible for the implementation of the projectsin the most countries.

6.Financial irregularities in the National Housing Corporation due to the fact that mostbeneficiaries of the new housing schemes were unable to pay their rents to the NHC therebyundermining its efficiency. For example in 1976 a number of NHC employees including thegeneral manager were terminated due to financial irregularities.

7.Unnecessary bureaucratic procedures for one to get funds for house construction as theprocedures could take several years for one to be funded this undermined the projectsdevelopment.

8.The use of expensive and unsustainable house design and materials as a result most countriesfailed to be innovative in designing house for the low income earners in the continent.

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