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Pipelines transport means of movement of fluid or gas products such as water, gas and oil through pipes from one place to another. Pumping stations are constructed along the pipelines to keep the product flowing steadily. Some of the disadvantages of pipelines transport includes;-

1.Selective in that they can be used to transport fluids and gasses and can transport only one type of commodity at a time.

2.Insecure in that they may be sabotaged if they run across a number of countries when there are political differences or when one country decide to withhold the product.

3.Pipelines may cause pollution if they burst spilling oil, gas or sewage and the problem would be grave if it occurred under water.

4.Inflexible in that they remain permanently in one position and rerouting becomes impossible and further distribution of the substance from depots has to be done by roads and railways.

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