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Circular motion is the motion of bodies travelling in circular paths. Uniform circular motion occurs when the speed of a body moving in a circular path is constant. This can be defined as motion of an object at a constant speed along a curved path of constant radius.

When acceleration (variation of velocities) is directed towards the centre of the path of motion it is known as centripetal acceleration and the force producing this centripetal acceleration which is also directed towards the centre of the path is called centripetal force. Some of the uses of  uniform circular motion includes;

1. Centrifuges; they are used to separate liquids of different densities i.e. cream and milk

2. Drying clothes in spin dryer;  clothes are placed in a perforated drum rotated at high speed, water is expelled through the holes and this makes the clothes dry.

3. Road banking; especially for racing cars which enables them to move at critical speed along bends without going off the tracks.

4. Speed governor;  the principle of conical pendulum is used here to regulate the speed by controlling the fuel intake in the combustion chamber. As the collar moves up and down through a system of levers it thereby connects to a device which controls the fuel intake.

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