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After independence many African states experienced economic problems which inherited from colonialism as colonialist aimed at maximizing profits and minimizing costs as a result they applied different policies that left African states with economic problem hence the changes in political, social and economic sector was inevitable. Among of the political factors that necessitated the changes of economic development policies and strategies after independence involves the problems inherited includes:-

1. Administration centralization, the colonialist left Africa with highly centralized administration system whereby central leader had got a lot of power in the state as a result such system brought inefficient and incompetence leaders and misdirection in administration. Hence there was a need to change political system.

2. Existence of relationship between military structures and political administration, the military structures was organized in the way that it was not separated from political administration this resulted to the rise of coup de-tat for example political juntas took over the political arena resulted to political instability and economic sabotage.

3. Tribalism among the Africans, after the independence most of African states experienced tribalism which influenced by multiparty political system as most of the states were based on the personal ethnic or regional origin of a particular politician, therefore this situation necessitated political changes.

4. Foreign administration structure, after independence national planning remained in the hand of foreigners not only that but also most of the important sector like financial and military sectors. Whereby foreigners were involved in political issues

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