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Some African countries were experiencing population increase especially in urban areas, as a result most countries found it very hard to cope with the demands created by the new development. The steps taken to change the colonial patterns of housing distribution in Tanzania after independence includes:-

1.After independence the government of Tanzania did not have a systematic policy on how to deal with the challenges of urban growth however the following measures were taken to improve housing distribution in Tanzania after independence.

2.Control of building and land strategy so as to alleviate pressure on urban housing andcommunity services, through creation of new residential areas and prohibiting residential insome areas which are densely populated.

3.Establishment of National Housing Corporation (NHC) for the aim of providing housing needsthrough financing. Furthermore NHC took over the management of the low cost houses whichhad been put up by the local government in Dar es Salaam and put up new houses afterclearing part of the squatter settlement in the capital city.

4.Control of land allocation in the country by the government, especially those freehold landsreverted to government ownership and previous owner were expected to pay rent to thegovernment. Conditions on development of land in urban areas were laid down to all. Howeverpriority on plot allocation, site and services schemes was given to low income areas in theurban centers.

5.Decentralization of the number of functions with the aim of locating new industries away fromcapital cities like Dar es Salaam. Also minimization of resource allocation to urban developmentfor the sake of spreading benefits to all classes.

6.To stimulate development by relocating the capital city from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma300miles (480 km) west. This was a plan announced by the government in 1973.

7.To emphasize on the need of making use of low cost materials for construction purposes toprovide housing for more people rather than following international standards blindly.

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