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The National Kiswahili Council was established on August 9, 1967. The council has many roles; thses includes;

1. Promotes and develops Kiswahili as a national language; The Council enables Kiswahili to be sued for all national communication. Today, Kiswahili is spoken and understood by almost all Tanzanians. The First President of Tanzania Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere used Kiswahili to unite the whole of Tanzania as a nation.

2. Coins new words from local languages as well as foreign languages to make Kiswahili keep pace with the changes, which keep occurring, in the Tanzanian society.

3. Encourages educated Africans to participate in Kiswahili literature and writing to remove the major weaknesses of colonial education. The latter emphasized foreign languages such as English and French but despised or downplayed Kiswahili and other local languages.

4. Works with other bodies in the country that are devoted to the promotion and preservation of Kiswahili.

5. Encourages high standards of Kiswahili and establishes standard Kiswahili for educational and technical purposes.

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