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After independence, African governments established their own armed forces and police for the purpose of ensuring security. Tanzania established her own military force called Tanzania People’s Defense Forces on 1st September 1964. The major functions of the national armed force includes:-

1.To safeguard the national security of the country from external aggression. For exampleTanzania military force took part in the military campaign against the forces of Idd Amin ofUganda in 1978. Similarly to Kenyan military force took part in campaigns against the Shiftabandits from Somalia in the 1970’s.

2.To preserve internal security. For example Kenya in 1978 during the attempt coup d’etat whenKenya Army fought off some elements of the rebel Kenya Air Force who wanted to take over thegovernment using unlawful means.

3.To participate in nation-building activities for example road and bridge construction.

4.To provide assistance to the public during national emergencies. For example during floods,famine, fire outbreaks and other national disasters.

5.To detect and fight off criminals who use water masses like the Atlantic and Indian Ocean tocommit crimes. For example the Somali pirates, narcotic runners and gunrunners as well asillegal trawlers who steal fish and other marine resources from African states.

6.To participate in peace keeping missions in different parts of the world by participating in UnitedNational, African Union and Commonwealth peacekeeping duties.

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