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The health care facilities of most African countries were inherited from colonialism that were used to care the Europeans and civil servants and few and poor medical facilities caring the ordinary citizens. Most of them were allocated in urban areas unlike in villages especially in capital cities.

In fact most of Africans preferred traditional medicines offered by the traditional doctors in their communities. This was due to the fact that imported medicines from overseas provided in a modern hospital were very expensive t the extent that most Africans could not afford them.

In Tanzania health services have been provided by the government, national parastatal agencies, and churches, local and international voluntary agencies. Government put more emphasis was to rural areas through funds allocation as health centers and dispensaries were established. The strengths in the provision of health services in Africa after independence includes:-

1. Expansion of health facilities like hospitals, dispensaries and health equipments has beenexpanded through constructional activities and provision of health equipments.

2. Provision of health services in both urban and rural areas for example most hospitals wereallocated in urban centers while most of dispensaries were allocated in rural areas so as todelivery health services to the people of urban and rural areas.

3. Training of African health personnel who take charge of the health sectors in the countries. Forexample medical doctors, nurses and other caregivers.

4. Eradication of epidemic diseases that existed in Africa for a long time this was done through theprovision of vaccines for diseases like polio and measles.

5. Establishment of many medical training institutions for example medical training centers anduniversities for training health practitioners.

6. Establishment of research centers; most African countries with a view to investigate causes of certain ailments and seeking for the cure.

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