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Poverty is experienced in African countries due to the failure of governments to allocate resources equitably and to provide development infrastructures such as schools, roads, electricity as well as economic exploitation of certain regions of the country.

Mis-management of public resources for one’s benefits or for the benefits of one’s friends or associates for personal gain or favors for example land have been grabbed by corrupt government officials and civil servants thus undermining the economy.The steps taken to solve problems hindering development in Africa after Independence includes;-

1.Introduction of multiparty, most African countries decided to introduce more than one political party so as to provide an opportunity for citizens to compete in the political arena since this contribute in making the government more accountable as the oppositions operate as a watchdog.

2.Constitution revision most African countries have been revised their constitution to limit the term of the leaders to a maximum period usually two terms. Also political candidates are now required to show proof of a good educational background in order to eliminate possibility of having inept leaders.

3.Strengthening of democracy through African Union by allowing innervations in case of evidence of violence and abuse of human rights in member countries, this prevents political instabilities in countries and pre-empts refugee problems in the continents. Affirmative action has been accepted in order to uplift women I leadership. For example Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda have made great progress in this sphere.

4.Establishment of regional organizations contributing to the stability of African states by improving social and economic welfare of the citizens and expanding commerce, transport and communications infrastructures.

5.Introduction of modern information systems such as internet and cell phones helped in boosting economies of Africa by cutting down on unnecessary labour and by ensuring watertight security of money and goods in both government offices and private companies. Use of cell phones also facilitates quicker and more financial transactions.

6.Partnership with developed countries through privatization of public corporations for the aim of promoting development especially in productive areas such as minerals and oils prospecting

7.HIV/AIDS campaigns in order to inform citizens on ways of protecting themselves and on how to assist infected people

8.Establishment of social security fund aimed at protecting retirees and those retrenched from work due to ill health from experiencing serious financial problems.

9.Establishment of revenue collecting bodies like Tanzania Revenue Authority, Uganda Revenue Authority and Kenya Revenue Authority in order to strengthen economy and avoiding economic dependency on foreign countries

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