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Active transport is the movement of solutes such as glucose, amino acids and mineral ions from an area of their low concentration to an area of high concentration. The factors affects actibe transport includes;-

1. Availability of oxygen; Energy needed for active transport is provided through respiration. An increase in the amount of oxygen results in a higher rate of respiration. If a cell is deprived of oxygen active transport stops.

2.Temperature: Optimum temperature is required for respiration, hence for active transport. High temperatures denature respiratory enzymes also at very low temperatures inactivate enzymes too and active transport stops.

3.Availability of carbohydrates; Carbohydrates are the main substrates for respiration. Increase in amount of carbohydrate results in more energy production during respiration and hence more active transport. Lack of carbohydrates causes active transport to stop

4.Metabolic poisons; Metabolic poisons e.g. cyanide inhibit respiration and stops active transport due to lack of energy

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