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The Berlin conference was a meeting held in Berlin that was called by Chancellor Otto von Bismark of Germany. The meeting took place between November 1884 and February 1885. 14 European countries were represented at this conference. USA and Denmark attended the conference as observers. Representatives at the Berlin conference agreed on the following principles:

1.To abolish slave trade on their colonies: All and any elements of slave trade in their respective colonies.

2.They agreed to send a lot of missionaries, traders and explorers on their respective colonies.

3.They were required to stop or to make an end of resistances that occurred between Africans and colonial government.

4.They were required to have effective control of their colonies e.g. by building/constructing social services.

5.They agreed to have free navigation on the navigable rivers like Congo, Nigeria etc. (In order to solve the conflict between the European Countries).

6.They were required to open up economic activities on their respective colonies (establishment of colonial economy e.g. agriculture, trading industry etc.)

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