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This was a type of formal education that was introduced by Europeans in Africa. This education was introduced to benefit the colonial government and not Africans. It went together with the establishment of schools high economic gain areas such as crop production areas. The main characteristics of colonial education includes;-

1. Colonial education has a pyramid shape quality. The number of students who started at lower levels reduced as they went to higher levels.

2. Schools were built in areas with economic importance, such as the Kenyan highlands which were a prime are for coffee production.

3. Colonial education was discriminative in nature e.g. there were Asian schools, European schools and others for Africans.

4. Colonial education was provided to the sons of African chiefs e.g. sons of Jumbes and few daughters obtained this type of education.

5. Education was basically about European culture e.g. training involved the use of foreign languages such as English and French.

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