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Biotic factors are the living components in the environment. They can either population or community factors. Biotic factors affect living organisms by the following;-

1. Predation; Predation happens where one organism capture, kill and feed on another in order to get nutrients.For example cats eat mice and sharks eat smaller fish.

2. Competition; This is the relationship whereby two organisms need the same limited environmental resource for survival. Organisms must live together for competition for available resources, those which cannot cope either structurally or behaviorally will migrate or die. For example lion and leopards both hunt antelopes and zebra; hence lion and leopard are competitors.

3. Human activities; these are human factors which have an influence on the biosphere. examples are road construction, industrialization, deforestation, agriculture, pollution, poaching, fishing conservation, population control. Affect ecosystem and balance of nature.

4. Symbiotic; This involves the relationship between the two or more organism. This association could be take various forms, for example The bacteria bet protection and nutrients from the plants.

5. Parasitism; This is the association one organism benefit while the other is harmed. An example is the plasmodium that cause malaria in human beings.

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