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Colonial economy in Africa had both positive and negative effects for Africans as follow;-

1.Africans inherited infrastructure from the colonial governments e.g. roads, railways, that were used for carrying goods and labourers.

2. After the independence of African countries nationalisation of plantations, buildings under the colonial governments started. Buildings, plantations and harbours were now under the African states.

3. It led to the introduction of new varieties of crops from outside e.g. varieties of cotton from America, and coffee.

4. Africans inherited European economic plans which continued to be used after independence e.g, the treatment of labourers.

5. Some areas that were known for producing labour were under developed due to rationalisation, e.g Kigoma in Tanganyika.

6. Africans inherited capitalist elements from their colonial masters in some areas like Kenya and Zimbabwe.

7. It led to Europeans taking natural resources from Africa e.g. minerals, raw materials through an unequal exchange.

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