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1. Both systems used crude exploitation measure like taxation, land alienation and forced labor.

2. Both policies were based on misbelieve about Africans. Europeans considered their religion, races, education, policies and other kind of civilization as superior and thus they had a mission to civilize the Africans.

3. In both systems, the African chiefs were used as a means to achieve what colonial masters wanted. This caused the chiefs not to work for the interest of their people, nor be loyal to them, but to the Europeans.

4. Both policies maintained racial discrimination. The Europeans were favored and considered more superior than Africans. All high-ranking jobs in the government were reserved for Europeans while Africans held the lower positions of jobs in their local areas.

5. In both systems policy-making and legislation were made by their home National Assembly and were sent to the colonies to be implemented by the governor and local authorities through the secretary of state.

6. The laws which were enforced in both systems originated from their home government judicial systems. This means that the systems ignored the traditional institutions and laws made by them.

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